About Us

Located on Denver’s West Side, Newlon Elementary School is nestled in the West Barnum neighborhood. Newlon has a long history in this neighborhood. In fact, the school celebrated it’s 60th anniversary in 2010.

Newlon Elementary serves students from ECE to 5th grade. Many of our students are second language learners and we are committed to supporting their English acquisition with focused instruction that includes language development on a daily basis.

Uniforms: Yes
Fit Fun: Yes
Magnet Program: No

Full-Day Preschool (ECE): Yes
Half-Day Preschool (ECE): No
Full-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Half-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Preschool (ECE) Classrooms Taught in Spanish: Yes

Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes
Half-Day Kindergarten: No
Kindergarten Programs Taught in Spanish: Yes

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